Most well known for it's Gettysburg ghosts, Pennsylvania is awash with spirits.




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Jim Thorpe - The Inn at Jim Thorpe

A faceless lady in Victorian attire has disappeared into closed doors. Room 211 has a problem with the TV going on and off by itself.   Men are especially targeted - items disappear then reappear in different spots. One man left his boots by the door, as he does every night.  He awoke to find them in the hallway outside.  Towels are found shoved in the toilet. Cigar and cigarette smoke is smelled when no one is around, and the noises of laughing children are heard when there are no children around.

Gettysburg - Cashtown Inn

A soldier's ghost is seen wandering the hallways; especially in the summer, he likes to knock on room 4's door and walk about in the attic.

New Hope - Logan Inn and Restaurant

Room 6 is supposedly haunted by a "glowing apparition"  and the smell of lavender is noted when it appears.  An 18th century soldier has been seen in the restaurant and bar.  The stairs that lead to the men's room has been home to a ghost wearing knickers.  A little girl's ghost has been seen in the parking lot.  One of the oldest buildings in the whole country, it has been said to be haunted for many generations.  Room 6 of the inn has had complaints from women that a man's image appears in the bathroom mirror, and a male patron left in the night because he said he suffered a tightness in his chest and saw a white smoky apparition upon awakening. Others reported seeing two ghosts of children in room 6. A painting of a couple from that room was relocated to the lobby, and people say it will suddenly emit the smell of lavender. 10 W Ferry Street  

Canadensis - Pine's Hotel

In this town, whose name closely resembles the medical term for thrush, the ghost of a tall gentleman has been spotted by chambermaids. Evergreen Road

Beech Creek - Furst Corner Inn - The original owner, who had a habit of smoking cigars, died in a barn fire over a century ago. Customers and staff say they can smell cigar smoke, hear footsteps, and various other odd things happen. There is an attached restaurant as well, where these phenomena are said to also take place.   39 Main St (570) 962-3371

Douglassville - The Yellow House Hotel - haunted by a woman who hung herself here in "the middle room", wherever that is... People claim to spot her in the windows   website


Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffery Ghost Tours (New Hope) 215-343-5564

Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg Candlelight Ghost Tours

Haunted Places of Gettysburg 717 337-0445

Original Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tour   Tour Headquarters in the Civil War House at 271 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA, FREE exhibits and a variety of tours available. For reservations call   717 337-0445

Landcaster County Ghost Tours

Morbid Tourist Tip:  Long known as the Mecca for medical oddities in the US, The Mütter Museum at Philadelphia College of Physicians in Philadelphia houses such bizarre relics as a giant diseased colon and a corpse that somehow turned into a giant bar of soap because of the unusual chemical makeup of the surrounding soil it was buried in.  A must see for any seeker of the macabre. 19 South 22nd Street. Open daily from 10 - 5. $10, student discounts available.

Jim Thorpe - Old Town Jail

A man who was hanged  for his involvement with a group of politicos called the Molly Maguires, and swore he was innocent, put his hand on the cell wall just before being led to the gallows.  The handprint has remained burned into the wall of cell 17 for over 130 years.  His ghost has also allegedly been seen in the cell. 128 West Broadway

Gettysburg - George George House Museum and Photo Shop

This apparently former home of someone whose mother had a good sense of humor, was the site of a phantom wake.  One evening, two tourists were walking around town and looked into the shop's window, and saw a strange sight of a woman sitting with the corpse of a civil war era officer.  They though it was very odd, and returned the next day to find no wax dummies but only a modern day photography shop.  The proprietor's denied any display of the sort, and one of the spooked witnesses pointed to a wall where she had seen a door the night before.  The old doorway was covered with pegboard and wasn't visible to visitors to the shop.  General John Reynolds, the highest ranking officer to be killed at the Battle of Gettysburg, was held here prior to his embalming. George George House is a small stone building on Steinwehr Avenue; I was unable to locate a street number or phone number.

Altoona - Railroader's Memorial Museum 

In Altoona, the "former railroad capital of the world", this large museum's 3rd floor is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a dead railroad worker whose eerie photo hangs in the same room.  Workers have heard "walking noises" on vacant floors above.

Gettysburg - Gettysburg National Park

This site of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War (over 50,000 died in hand to hand combat in July of 1863) is no stranger to ghost stories. The "Devil's Den" area of the park is haunted by the scruffy phantom specter of a Texas regimen civil war soldier.  He appeared to one woman, who was taking photos, and said "What you're looking for is over there.", then faded away.  A woman in white haunts the "Spangler Springs" area of the park.  Two nurses who were on an evening nature walk saw her pathetic spirit glowing in the woods; the story is said that she was spurned by a lover and killed herself in the spot they saw her.  Even before the battle, there was a ghost sighting.  Hundreds of Union soldiers from Maine on the way to the battle were said to have seen the spirit of George Washington on his horse.  As the story goes, he led them to a strategic place on the battlefield - where a decisive battle took place, which they won partly because of their location (courtesy of George).  This place, "Little Round Top", is said to be haunted by a headless horseman.  The National Cemetery used to be haunted by the ghost of a Captain William Miller; they only stopped after mention of his medal of honor was inscribed on his tombstone.

Gettysburg - The Eisenhower Home

Former president and Mrs. Eisenhower lived here until their deaths after they left Washington DC. Mamie's ghost is said to appear in the living room and in her bedroom.

Hummelstown - Indian Echo Caverns

In the "rainbow room", a Native American holding the severed head of an old man with a white beard has appeared to several people.  Local native tribes felt this room of the cavern was where evil dwelled.

Gettysburg - Gettysburg College , Cupola of the "Old Form"

This old building of the campus has a tall cupola that towers over the campus.  It was the office of Robert E Lee during the battle; both Lee and a phantom sentry have been seen pacing atop the cupola.



Altoona - Mishler Theater

Ghost of former owner Isaac Mischler has been seen walking through a wall into what used to be his office.  His cigar smoke has been smelled by staff in the seats - and one smelled it then saw one of the flip - up seats flip up, as if someone was sitting there.  Phantom footsteps are heard on a catwalk, and an apparition has been seen walking across the stage. The ashes of 2 former managers are sprinkled in the basement.

Easton - State Theater Center for the Arts

The ghost of "Fred", a former manager who died in the 1950's, has been spotted in the boiler room, stage and sitting in the boxes.  He left pennies for one female employee over the course of decades - over 70 at this point.  His cigar smoke can be smelled when no one is smoking.  The local high school now gives away the "Freddy Award to outstanding theater students.

Pittsburgh - The Pittsburgh Playhouse

This playhouse is a collection of a few old buildings and is haunted by a group of ghosts: actor John Johns in dressing room #7 and in a top hat and tails backstage; a lady in white is thought to be an actress who killed herself and her cheating husband here; a weeping woman in an empty dressing room who was allegedly killed in a row house fire on the spot, along with her child; a ghoul with a decomposing green face is said to tap on the costume shop window and scare the life out of whomever looks. Finally, a group who held a séance in the theater in the 1970's claim to have seen a male apparition, dressed entirely in red, who paced nervously back and forth - gaining speed in his pacing until he lifted off the ground and was bouncing off of the walls. At this point, they said all of the phones rang and when they looked at the previously empty theater seats, they were filled with people in Victorian era clothing. Uh, ...yeah. Craft Avenue



Pittsburgh -  Szechwan Gourmet shadyside neighborhood

A balding old man wearing 1970's attire haunts this bistro, customers report.

New Hope - Logan Inn and Restaurant

Orefield - Magnolia's Vinyard (CLOSED) Cool looking place, and reportedly haunted by "a young woman" ; as of July 2011 it can be all yours for $625,000. 2204 Village Road

Allentown PA Magnolia's

Beech Creek - Furst Corner Restaurant - The original owner, who had a habit of smoking cigars, died in a barn fire over a century ago. Customers and staff say they can smell cigar smoke, hear footsteps, and various other odd things happen. There is an attached Inn as well, where these phenomena are said to also take place.   39 Main St (570) 962-3371

Douglasville - Covatta's Brinton Lodge (CLOSED)  - former employees of this currently (summer 2011) closed establishment claimed to have experienced odd occurrences and even photographed apparitions.  1808 Schuylkill Rd

Covattas Brinton Lodge


Palmerton - The Rusty Nail Bar

The face of a former owner who killed himself is seen in a leather covered cabinet under the cash register.  939 Mauch Chunk Road tel:(610) 826-6061


Bedford - Jean Bonnett Inn -  building predates the 1740's, where it was an outpost for French traders and trappers. It's storied past includes the hanging of a spy. A full male apparition was witnessed by some staff one evening, who said the ghost was sitting there having a drink after the building was locked up at night. Various other odd and spectral activities have been well publicised. Read more about the ghost folklore here. 814-623-2250




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