Texas is big.  Real big.  It took me a month of Sundays to gather and type up all of these stories.  And I still haven't even scratched the surface.  Enjoy.


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Abilene - The Whitten Inn Expo Center
Various rooms are supposedly haunted here. Unexplained occurrences including a sudden foul odor early in the morning, belongings disappearing and then reappearing under the bed, bathroom lights that turn themselves on and off, and a ghost with a red beard and green clothes in the office. 840 East US Highway 80 , formerly the Travel Lodge

Austin - Driskill Hotel
Customers say that they have heard a phantom party going on in the upper floor, as well as the sensation of being touched on the arm or face. People feel dizzy while and after viewing the painting of a girl on the 3rd floor.

Austin - Omni Hotel (Downtown)
A business man who threw himself from a balcony in recent years still haunts the room, housekeepers say.

Corpus Christi - Days Inn

Murdered singer Salena, who was killed in a room in this hotel by the crazed president of her fan club in the late 90's, reportedly haunts the room - with patrons reporting the smell of roses and an "intense feeling of sorrow". (If anyone knows which Days Inn that she was killed in, please drop me a line)

Dallas - Hotel Adolphus

Local folklore says that a bride, after she was left standing at the altar, hung herself here and still makes appearances in her bridal gown. (Can you get any more dramatic than that?) The bar area has odd happenings like beer bottles that move around without the help of a bartender.

Dallas - Hotel Lawrence

The 10th floor is haunted by a woman who fell to her death from a window in the 1940's. Patrons report cold spots, phantom voices and the sound of high heels walking across the floor in the lobby when it is empty at night. The 2nd floor, which reportedly at one time housed a gambling casino, is haunted by a man.

Fort Worth - Miss Molly's Hotel Bed and Breakfast

Vague stories of apparitions originate at this former bordello.

Galveston - The Hotel Galvez

The oldest hotel on the island, the Galvez boasts an evil room - room 505, in which patrons feel so incredibly uncomfortable that they sometimes leave early. The smell of gardenias wafts about the room, they say.

Hillsboro - Tarlton House Bed & Breakfast

The Inn's namesake reportedly hung himself in the 3rd floor, distraught over the recent death of his wife. Visitors report footsteps, cold spots, and the feeling of being kissed on the forehead 211 North Pleasant Street 800-823-7216

Jefferson - The Excelsior House

This charming hotel is a remnant of the old south. Not so charming is a headless apparition that reportedly haunts the second floor. Even more strange is the spirit of a woman, clad in black, who has made numerous appearances. Sometimes she is carrying a baby, it is reported, and once "she" allegedly scared the pants off of director Stephen Spielberg when he visited there. Oy vey!  It was this his stay in the Jay Gould Room that inspired him to write the script for the hugely popular "Poltergeist", so the story goes.  And the rest is history...

Jefferson -Historic Jefferson Hotel

The management of this former cotton warehouse is so comfortable with it's haunted reputation that it lists the many reports of odd occurrences by visitors on the hotel web page! Phenomena includes:
Room 5: a little boy repeatedly awoke his parents because a "man in a long coat and high boots" wouldn't let him sleep.
Rooms 12 and 14: haunted by a woman with flowing blonde hair who possibly had some sort of "connection" with the bed in room 14 (which used to be in room 12)
Room 19: staff reports otherworldly voices from the empty room; one guest reported a "petite" woman whose icy touch kept her awake all night.
Room 20: the bathroom sink spigot will suddenly and forcefully open up in the middle of the night
Hallways and throughout the hotel: One unfortunate manager was at the hotel alone when all of the doors to an upstairs hallway suddenly began opening and slamming shut. The sounds of furniture being drug across the floor in rooms above you is not uncommon. The hall in front of rooms 20 and 21 had a ghostly man in western attire that one woman saw early one morning. The smell of cigars, clipping of heels in empty corridors, and the sounds of classical music seems to have no origin that is logical. Giggling children are heard late at night in the hallways when there are no guests that are children, and guests have reported hearing cries of "Mama" and babies crying. It isn't uncommon to hear repeated knocking on the doors and walls.124 W. Austin Street 866-334-6835

Kerrville - Y.O. Ranch Resort Hotel

Patrons report phantom cowpokes that linger around the pool in the middle of the night. The "Branding Iron Restaurant" is reportedly haunted by a spirit who might ask you where to find a bathroom.

Laredo - La Posada Hotel

Reportedly the popular boutique hotel was a convent before it was renovated into guest rooms 30 or 40 years ago. Apparitions of nuns and of ghostly, mute hotel employees have been reported. The empty ballroom has the sounds of running footsteps, and cold spots and self-moving objects are reported.

McAllen - Renaissance Casa de Palmas

The 3rd floor has had reports of apparitions.

Minneola - Beckham Hotel

A woman who met her fate falling down the staircase in the late 19th century is said to haunt the hotel. It is unknown if this hotel is still open. Email me (see link below) if you have any info to offer. Commerce Street

New Braunfels - The Hotel Faust

A well dressed old gentleman in old fashioned clothes is said to haunt, as well as a woman holding a baby. A third spirit is reportedly a little girl who plays in the hallways. Specters are said to float through closed doors and turn the water and lights on in guest rooms. 240 South Sequin Street

Port Aransas - The Tarpon Inn

Visitors report a pink glowing from a 2nd floor bathroom at night, the sounds of footsteps, and cold spots.

San Antonio - Camberly Gunter Hotel

The spirit of a prostitute, murdered here in the 1960's, is said to haunt. Locals claim the establishment has her picture hanging in the lobby bar. 205 E. Houston

San Antonio - The Emily Morgan Hotel

The basement was used as a medical school and morgue back in the day. The seventh and ninth floors are especially haunted, people say. Poltergeist activity includes doors and toilet lids slamming open and shut, cold spots, random apparitions, objects moving about guest rooms, and a perpetually malfunctioning elevator. 705 E. Houston Street

San Antonio - Menger Hotel

A popular spot for TV ghost hunter programs and for paranormal writers, the Menger has been studied by many paranormalists. The most famous story is that of Sallie White, who was employed as a chambermaid in the late 1800's at the hotel. After her husband found out she had (by most accounts) cheated on him in one of the rooms there, he brutally beat her, and she soon after died. The hotel footed the $32 to bury Sallie, and it is said that guests are still getting visits from Sallie, dressed in her antiquarian maid attire. Ranch owner Richard King has been spotted floating through the walls of the King Room, and a man in a buckskin jacket and gray pants has been seen having a one sided heated argument with an invisible enemy. A woman in a blue dress and beret has been seen busily knitting in the hotel lobby, and vanishes into thin air. A pair of phantom military boots once appeared at the door of two employees at the hotel, which is located across from the Alamo.
President Theodore Roosevelt, as local legend has it, haunts the bar where he recruited some of his "rough riders" in life. Objects that move themselves around are also reported. 204 Alamo Plaza (800) 345-9285.

San Antonio - Plaza Marriott

A woman who legend says hung herself and her unfortunate cat in one of the four buildings that comprise the Mariott has been seen in a long white nightgown, petting her cat's head in the upper levels of the hotel, the employee corridors, the basement, and in the garden. Rumor has it that she hung herself in her living room - now the complex's exercise facility.

San Antonio - St. Anthony Hotel

Rumored to have several restless spirits, including a former Latina employee named Anita, and old woman in the ladies room, a man and woman who seem to be re-living their honeymoon in one of the guest rooms, and a forlorn young lady who haunts an upper floor ballroom. Also in the Anacacho Ballroom, spirit "guests" have been spotted in old - timey formal dress, giggling children's ghosts have been seen on the rooftop garden, and the elevators have had transparent visitors - a woman in red and a man in a top hat and tails. 300 E. Travis

San Antonio - Terrel Castle Bed and Breakfast

A former female resident is said to haunt the library, and some mystery children haunt the stairwell. 950 E. Grayson St

San Antonio - Sheraton Gunter Hotel

Room 636 is haunted by a woman who was brutally murdered and dismembered there in 1965. A little old lady has been spotted in other parts of the hotel. 205 E. Houston Street


Ghost Tours of Galveston

High Spirits Tours (Houston)

San Antonio Ghost Hunt

Haunted Galveston Tours Daily tours May 31-September 1 or call for off-season or private tours.  409-740-7294. E-mail: mjurbanseal@hotmail.com

Abilene - Taylor County Expo Center
The cow barn is haunted by phantom footsteps and voices
Allen - Eagle Stadium
On Friday nights at midnight, and only on game nights, a phantom football player from the 1940's is said to run down the field. From US 75, go north into Allen and exit McDermott. Go about 1 mile east on McDermott past Greenville Avenue and Jupiter. The Stadium is behind the old high school, current Freshman Center

Amarillo - Gebo's
A phantom messes up this store at night, screwing up the inventory. Rumors of someone being murdered in the 1980's in the building are told by employees. 2500 E 3rd Ave

Arlington - River Legacy Park
The "Hell's Gate" is the crumbling remnants of a gate that sits at the end of a long trail through wetlands. The tree just past the remaining gate posts was where union soldiers were hung during the Civil War. People report the sounds of sobbing and whispers near here. A clearing near the gate is said to be haunted by a red haired man in a confederate uniform. The narrow bridge that runs over the Trinity river is said to be haunted by the spirits of victims of a horrible head on car crash, whose tombstones appear in the water. If you are on the bridge at night, supposedly you are treated to a ghostly reenactment of the event. The Mosier Valley area is a hotspot for people who want to go make out, and it is said to be haunted by a hobo who was killed after jumping off a train on the nearby tracks. He taps on the windows of cars and makes an appearance.

Arlington - Six Flags Over Texas
A little girl's ghost is reported walking the railroad tracks near "The Texas Giant", and in the yellow building, the candy store, near here.

Austin - Home Depot
Nicknamed "Fred", this ghost haunts the garden section and is reportedly buried nearby in an old plot. Brodie Lane and US 290

Belton - Wal-Mart
This Wal Mart is said by 3rd shift staff to be haunted by the apparitions of a woman wearing a Wal Mart uniform and a small boy.  603 East Central Avenue

Boerne - Public Library

The lights go on and off by themselves in the middle of the night .  Slightly northwest of San Antonio

Brady - Historical Marker/Courthouse Monument
Just outside of town is a marker that commemorates a place where soldiers got fresh water during the (Civil?) war (they'll put a historical marker on anything down south - now I'm fully convinced!). Anyway, some people were killed there by natives and their wagons burned, as the story goes. Today, local kids go to the spot to test out the theory that it's haunted by the screams of the dead and a phantom campfire. There is a Brady, TX both in Shelby and McCulloch counties, I don't know which one is the right one.  DeLaine wrote me and said:
The Ghosts you were referring to in Brady, Texas is the Brady in McCulloch County but what about the other ghost? ... There have been numerous encounters with this ghost as well as several pictures. He seems to show up often in pictures taken in front of the Heart of Texas monument on the courthouse lawn. It is rumored that he was a former sheriff or clerk in the courthouse...

Brownsville - University of Texas at Brownsville: Fort Brown
Built on an old fort, the campus is haunted by apparitions of Civil War era soldiers, horses, and the phantom noises of war. The morgue building during the war is now a storage area and accounting office. It is said to be haunted by a woman and child, another woman in black who appears on the outside steps, and by spirits that knock books off of shelves, cause electrical disturbances, unplug appliances, and move objects around. The library is also reportedly haunted. Someone apparently snapped a photo in 2000 of what appears to be a ghost dangling from a tree branch.

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Brownwood - Lake Brownwood/Flat Rock
A little girl who drowned here many years ago is reportedly seen on the dock, heard laughing. People have odd trouble with their boats breaking down at the boat ramp, and seem to hit a phantom "rock" that doesn't exist when they try to dock.

Colorado City - Ruddik Park

The apparition of a woman searching for her child is reportedly near the river in this park

Corpus Christi - The USS Lexington

The boiler room is said to be haunted by the apparition and voice of a dead sailor.

Del Rio - Denim & Diamonds

Reports of a female apparition and photographic anomalies.

Dallas - Eckerd Drugs on Gus Thomasson/ Ferguson Road

The upstairs of the drugstore is haunted by a male employee who was killed when he was mugged. Staff reports that "Wayne" causes boxes to fall, cold spots, unexplained footsteps, and turns on the radio.

Dallas - Jerry's Super Market

The second floor is plagued by unexplained frightening noises. 532 W. Jefferson .

Dallas - Old City Park Museum: Millermore House

This antebellum home has for over 25 years had reports, by many individuals, of a female ghost in the nursery and in the 2nd floor master bedroom.

Dallas - White Rock Lake

A woman in 1920's white clothing appears to motorists, soaking wet and needing a ride to Gaston Ave, where she disappears, leaving a wet spot on the seat as a calling card. Local folklore says she was a wealthy socialite who drowned in the lake after a car accident.

Eastland - The Ballad of Old Rip

In 1897, the town of Eastland was putting the cornerstone into their brand new courthouse. An electrician named E.E. Wood thought it would be funny to stick a horned toad that he found into the time capsule. Luckily for Rip the Horned Toad, the courthouse was shoddily built (thanks to insensitive jackasses like E.E. Wood) and was demolished 31 years later to make way for a newer structure. Wood spread it around town that he had stuck the toad into the cornerstone, and when it was cracked open, I'll be damned if Rip wasn't still alive - and looking at a cheering crowd who were waiting to see if he had made it. Rip became an instant celebrity, and even made it as far to the desk of president Calvin Coolidge in the Oval Office. The glory was short lived, however, when the following winter E.E. (obviously not short for "Einstein"), who was now profiting from his jerk off prank, left the horny toad's aquarium in an unheated room - where it froze to death. And the rest is Looney Tunes history.

not Rip

Edinburg - Museum of South Texas History

Formerly a courthouse and jail, the tower, which houses the old hanging gallows, is reportedly haunted by restless spirits that cause the hangman's noose to swing, causes cold spots, and throws the shadow of a hung man on the wall. Strange noises, including phantom voices and moans have also been reported

El Paso - El Paso Museum of Art

A phantom woman stares from the upper floor windows, lights turn themselves on and off, doors open and shut themselves, and unusual moaning sounds originate in the basement. (It is unclear, but this report may be referring to a previous site of the museum's location)

Euless - Midway Recreation Center

A dead former employee is said to turn on the lights at night and conduct an otherworldly workout session to the tune of rap music. His "grunting" can be heard throughout the building as he struggles through that last set of bench presses. He must be in hell if he's still having to work out every day...

Fischer - Stage Stop Ranch

This ranch that is very near the infamous "Devil's Backbone" is a conference center and home to "Doc Toler & His Medicine Show", who whip out their fiddles on the Shotgun Stage natural amphitheatre, and also is still a dude ranch. To the left of the main Plaza, a man's ghost can be seen hanging from a large oak tree; also visitors have reported the clatter of wagon wheels at night. 1100 Old Mail Route Rd  800-782-4378

Fort Davis - Fort Davis Historical Site

The hospital area leaves people who visit with an odd feeling: some report cold spots, visual anomalies including 'the walls changing color' and apparitions.

Fort Worth - Greene's Antiques

This former bookstore has strange noises, including unexplained footsteps and the noise of pages turning; also an apparition on the stairs. 215 W. 8th

Fort Worth - Fort Worth Zoo

A zookeeper who was crushed to death by an elephant in the 1980's has been seen near the elephants and zebras. A woman in Victorian era white clothing with a parasol has also been spotted near the cafe.

Fort Worth - Lake Worth

A phantom woman in a boat searches for her children in the lake.

Fort Worth - Log Cabin Village

This place, basically built for field trips, has a penetrating and unexplained scent of lilacs, and a screaming malevolent spirit of a man who looks like he has a broken neck has been seen.

Fort Worth - Peters Bros. Hats

One of the dead owners, Tom Peters, is blamed for reassembling hats. Part of the building used to be a pizzeria, and some believe that the dishwasher, "Jack", also haunts the building. 909 Houston

Fort Worth - Hulen Mall: Wet Seal Co.

This mall, cursed like so many others by all the dead Indians it was built atop, has employees in a titter about odd occurrences. This store in particular is known for its doors being flung open when they are locked, for employees feeling as if something is dragging them by the hair, cold spots, phantom voices, merchandise that rearranges overnight, and even an Indian squaw sitting cross-legged on the floor who startles employees. South Hulen St

Fredericksburg - National Museum of the Pacific War (Admiral Nimitz Museum)

Footsteps are heard, male apparitions seen, and lights turn themselves on and off.

Galveston - 1859 Ashton Villa

This antebellum mansion offers tours and is on the National Register of Historic Landmarks. Visitors have reported male and female apparitions in Edwardian dress and the sounds of footsteps. Railroad tycoon J.M.Brown built this grand estate, and his socialite daughter Bettie, who died ages ago, is credited with impromptu piano recitals in this historical building. Bettie also reportedly messes with the ceiling fans, and leaves ghostly imprints in the bed sheets. 2328 Broadway (409) 762-3933 open for tours 10:00am-4:00pm, Monday-Friday

George West - Live Oak County Courthouse

Phantom laughter of children has been reported; the south hall of the second floor has footstep noises when deserted, and the ghost of namesake George Washington West has been spotted there as well

Goliad - Mission EspÝritu Santo de Z˙˝iga

This 18th century Spanish style mission is haunted, reportedly, by a phantom Native American on horseback. People claim to hear drums beating and smell a "peace pipe" being smoked when no one is near.  A phantom wolf has also been reported.

Goliad - Presidio La Bahia

This mission is a National Historic Landmark. Visitors here claim that American soldiers haunt this place, where Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana had them executed on a Palm Sunday. A short priest is said to haunt the spot as well, fittingly in the chapel yard. A corner of the yard is said to be always cold and damp, and unusual moans are heard in the main yard. In the chapel a woman's ghost has been spotted praying.

Granbury - El Tesoro Summer Camp

Disgruntled Indian spirits are said to be responsible for apparitions, crying noises, and otherworldly midnight horseback riding.

Grand Prairie - Palace of Wax and Ripley's Believe It or Not!

At night the motion detectors are set off, problems with the electricity are frequent, the sounds of screams and tinkling bells - all blamed on deaths that occurred during a fire in the building years ago.

Henderson - Howard Dickinson House

A ghostly woman walks onto the balcony at night. Open by appointment only. call 903-657-6925

Houston - Federal Court Building

Dead judge Woodrow Seals haunts the tenth floor since his death in 1990. His former office reportedly has cold spots, the smell of cigar smoke, and phantom voices at night 515 Rusk

Houston - The Library, Downtown

ghostly violin music is blamed on a maintenance man who died there in the 30's

Huntsville - Sam Houston Memorial Museum

Houston's desk has objects fall from it for no good reason. Phantom footprints are said to appear in the gravel walkways and in the grass

Irving - Texas (Dallas Cowboys) Stadium

This Mecca of youthful Texas virility is haunted by an old man and a little girl who walk along the second floor at night after Cowboy's games. The little girl is said to be wearing a cheerleader outfit.

Hutchins - Lancaster Country Club Lake

Boaters claim that a bizarre purple haze (all apologies to Jimi Hendrix) approaches them from the north side of the lake late at night.

Lake Jackson - The Lake

In Antebellum Texas, this lake bordered a huge sugar plantation, at which countless slaves performed back breaking labor to keep it up and running. Indeed, the lake's namesake Abner Jackson was at one point second to only one other in slave ownership in the state. Local folklore tells of two brothers who were feuding, and one murdered the other, cutting off his head and tossing it in the lake. History does not point to the Jackson family as the origin of the story. However, locals claim that a headless apparition wanders around the lake, as well as odd noises and local homes that have poltergeist activity. The Jackson Plantation, destroyed in a hurricane just after the Civil War, is now being excavated.

LaPorte - Battleship Texas State Historic Site

A sailor nicknamed "Red" is said to walk through closed doors aboard this long docked battleship.

Laredo - Laredo Children's Museum

Locals pass along stories that, in a morbid twist of fate, the Children's Museum was formerly a morgue. Reports of odd voices and cold spots are also told.

Laredo - Lake Casa Blanca recreation hall

As the story goes, after a dance at this hall a young man gave a girl he had met that night a ride home. He found her necklace in his car and went to the door to return it the next day, and the surprised man at the door said it belonged to his daughter, who had drowned in the lake five years before. (*see Chicago's Resurrection Mary)

Marfa - The Marfa Lights

These spook lights have garnered much attention from thrill seekers and scientists alike. Marfa is a tiny town in southwest Texas.  Take US Highway 67 east out of Marfa for about nine miles. A viewing area for the Marfa Lights is located just off the highway. there is even a plaque there to commemorate the phenomena.

McKinney - Historic Collin County Courthouse

A woman in white peers from the courthouse windows at night. Locals say she hung herself a hundred or more years ago. 116 N Tennessee St

Midland - Museum of the Southwest

Formerly a mansion, the dead owner is said to haunt the upper floor.

Mineral Wells - Baker Hotel

The Baker catered to a top notch clientele who visited for the "medicinal" properties of the nearby mineral waters, but closed it's doors to the public in 1970. As far back as the 1960's, reports of a ghostly young woman on the 7th floor have been told by staff. The mistress of the hotel's manager, he kept her in a comfortable suite on southeast corner of that floor. She killed herself by jumping from the window. Her room reportedly still smells of perfume, and housekeepers say that red lipstick marks appear on the glasses in the room when there are no guests in it. The "Brazos Room" banquet hall was being toured by a group of WWII veterans and their wives when the group suddenly claimed they could all hear music and the clinking of silverware to plates as if a party was going on. The ghost of a 15 year old bell boy who was crushed at the waist in 1948 after getting caught in the service elevator is said to haunt the basement. Tours of the Baker are conducted weekends during summer months. For more information - contact the Mineral Wells Chamber of Commerce at 1-800-252-MWTX

Mission - La Lomita ("little hill") Mission

Originally a Spanish mission built in 1767, this National Register of Historic Places mission is now a ghost town. Local folklore tells of priests who were fornicating with the nuns there, and the resultant pregnancies were either terminated or the babies were killed and buried nearby. When some locals found this out, they murdered three of the priests. At some point the large mission building became Tropical Texas Center for Mental Health and Mental Retardation, which is now also closed. Robed figures are said to haunt the ghost town. Farm Road 1016 near the Rio Grande five miles south of Mission in southwestern Hidalgo County. The chapel is open during daylight hours to visitors.

Nacogdoches - Sterne-Hoya Museum

A former housekeeper reportedly said that when she cleaned the upstairs she could feel a benevolent presence touching her, then she would suddenly get vertigo that would stay with her until she descended the stairs again. The house was built in 1830 and is on the National Register. 211 S. Lanana. Tours available Tuesday - Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Palestine - Anderson County Courthouse

The sounds of a baby crying are explained by local folklore: the story is of a woman who accidentally dropped her baby in the courthouse, where it later died. 500 N. Church St

Port Isabel - Port Isabel Lighthouse State Historic Site

Local folklore says that a guy was dared to spend 17 minutes in the haunted lighthouse on his 17th birthday. as the story goes, he died - and forevermore the 17th step creaks.

Post - O S Ranch Museum

This museum, which oddly enough seems to house old Christmas decorations instead of interesting memorabilia from the collections of breakfast cereal king C.W. Post, is said to be haunted by the creator of the Grape Nut. (Post is also credited with inventing one of my favorite things as well - the grocery coupon!) Local police reportedly deal with a wandering apparition on the streets of the town as well. 201 East Main Street

Roma - Roma's Historical District

A National Historic Landmark on the Mexican border, the historic district is said to be haunted by a young girl who fell and hit her head, dying shortly before her 1st communion ceremony in the 1940's. She is said to wander the plaza in her white communion dress.

San Angelo - Fort Concho National Historic Landmark

Buffalo soldiers, the first all black regiments in the US military, are said to haunt this old frontier fort, near which many bloody battles were waged with Comanche's and other local tribes. Attacks were brutal and the poorly armed natives often lost their lives, as well as hundreds of their slaughtered livestock and suffered the forcible capturing of the children and women. Colonel Ranald Mackenzie is said to haunt his old digs on officer's row, and has been heard "cracking his knuckles" - a bad habit he was known for in life. In officer's quarters #1, the 12 year old daughter of an officer named Edith Grierson who died of a childhood illness here is said to haunt an upstairs bedroom, usually spotted playing a game of jacks on the floor.  Cold spots are widely reported in this area as well. The headquarter building is rumored to be haunted by a hard drinking soldier who died there of liver cirrhosis. He is said to be unhappy if women are in the military headquarters. It just ain't fittin', after all...

San Antonio - The Alamodome

Legend says the arena is haunted by a woman who was brutally raped and murdered on the site before it was constructed. A construction worker is also said to make ghostly appearances, as well as an "Evil Canevil" wannabe who met his fate during a stunt here. 100 Montana Street

San Antonio - Institute of Texas Culture

The smell of pipe smoke is noted, footsteps are heard and remain unexplained in the AV room, and books seem to re-arrange themselves. There seems to be activity surrounding a horse drawn glass hearse in the building.

San Antonio - McNay Art Museum

Formerly the McNay family home, avid art collector and oil heiress Marion Koogler McNay is said to haunt the west wing, which was being built at the time of her death. Other than the apparition, some security staff report a woman "humming" in the silent west building.

San Antonio - The Alamo

The Mexican army killed around 200 men women and children when they stormed the small fort after a long stand off in 1836, and the dead were haphazardly dumped in a mass grave. Deformed, wandering spirits have been reported around the site of the Alamo almost since the massacre itself. The sounds of laughing children and sobbing women have been reported, and a man in black who appears to be soaking wet has also been sighted. A young cowboy has been seen roaming around, as has an otherworldly monk. Phenomena such as cold spots, self - opening and shutting doors, and feelings of "melencholy" are reported by visitors. 300 Alamo Plaza

Spring - Shirley's Cat House

A little girl who tragically fell to her death is said to haunt the upstairs loft of this store that specializes in cat lover's nick knacks. 1408 Spring Cypress Rd 

Arlington - Cinemark TinselTown 9
A construction worker who died here supposedly stops by to check out a flick: moving the chairs, banging things around, and sometimes materializing in a seat. Six Flags Mall 2815 E Division St

Baytown - Premiere Cinema 11
The theater staff say that the place has multiple unexplained equipment failures and hear unexplained whispering. 1518 San Jacinto Mall (281)421-8833.

College Station - College Park Center
A young man who was killed here after his shift in the recent past was said to haunt the upstairs projection room of this former movie theater.

El Paso - Plaza Theater

A soldier from nearby Fort Bliss was said to have died while smoking in the men's room - he is spotted at times in uniform on the right side of the stairs, still smoking; noises of someone choking have been heard in the basement.

Cleburne - The Wright Place

This restaurant that has music on the weekends is haunted, reportedly by a young woman who is spotted near the window, The smell of oranges is reported by many. This place is mentioned on a bed and breakfast's website, but I can't locate an address.

El Paso - Amphitheater at McKelligon Canyon

The men's dressing room is haunted by the noises of someone running across the room and banging on the walls, and the lights go on and off. It is said to be from a construction worker who died there. 1-800-915-8482.  Three McKelligon Canyon Rd

Fort Worth - W.E. Scott Theatre

An actor who hung himself from a basement pipe here is said to haunt the basement hallway, and loud "cackling" has been heard from the empty stage. 1300 Gendy St (817) 738-6509

Granbury - Driftwood Theatre at Lake Granbury

Theatre #6 has the phantom sounds of children laughing and running the aisles after the theater closes at night. A woman in white has also been seen in this particular theater, as well as in the projection booth and management offices. Doors open and shut themselves.

Houston (The Woodlands) - Cinemark Tinseltown 17

Supposedly sits on the remains of a trailer park that was destroyed by a fire, killing some residents. A little boy and an old man are said to haunt, and odd poltergeist activity is reported, including doors that open themselves, phantom voices, and lights flipping on and off. 1600 Lake Robbins

Hurst - Bellaire Theatre
A dead projectionist, a young girl, and a malevolent spirit named Neil are said to haunt the theater. Odd noises and doors opening and closing were also reported. 404 E Pipeline Rd Pipeline Road at Brown Trail

Nacogdoches - W.M. Turner Auditorium

A ghost nicknamed "Chester" is said by some to be a dead construction worker, and by others to be the architect who designed the building. Those who claim he is the architect say that he is angry that the builders screwed up the plans and built the auditorium backwards. Yet another story is that he is a former drama student. Chester has been making appearances on stage and off since the 1960's, and reportedly can be seen in a photograph of the first cast of "Hamlet" that was performed there.

Pflugerville - Cinemark Tinseltown 20

Following lead in a series of "Cinemark Tinseltown" hauntings, the Pflugerville branch is said to have cold spots, vanishing watches and other items from patrons, and flying concession stand paraphernalia. I-35 N

San Antonio - Alamo Quarry Theatre

Projectionists claim that a child haunts the projection room, and other employees say that the lights dim themselves. Cold spots are reported. 255 E Basse Rd

San Antonio - Alamo Street Restaurant and Theater

A dead actress named Martha Gething, dressed in white Victorian clothing, is spotted in the former choir loft of this converted Methodist church. The spirit of a little boy who reportedly died of polio is said to "tear through" the theater and sometimes play pranks on kitchen staff.  1150 S. Alamo StreetTheater offers a special midnight dinner on Halloween for paranormal enthusiasts.

San Antonio - Santikos Century Plaza 8

Late night visitors say that the sounds of dragging chains and banging is heard. 1918 SW Military Drive

San Marcos - Theater at Southwest Texas State University

A man who students say hung himself haunts the building. Nicknamed "Ramsey", he is blamed for turning off the lights and other strange events.

Sweetwater - Texas Movie Theatre

Strange noises accompany apparitions and odd voices in this theater. 114 E Broadway St.

Texas City - Cinemark Movies 12

One of the theaters in particular is haunted by an apparition that frightens employees on a regular basis. Cold spots and, oddly, hot spots are reported. 10000 E.F. Lowry Expressway in the Mall Of The Mainland

Victoria - Cinema 4 Theater

Cinema 4 is haunted by a woman who might call out your name, and a little boy who vanishes in front of the concession stand. Cinema Four is located at 5912 N Navarro St.

Corsicana  - Jalapeno Grill & Cantina

Formerly the Mallory Hotel, this historic building was home to the untimely demise of a prostitute who still likes to mosey up the bar and frighten staff on occasion. 220 E Collin St

Austin - Austin Pizza Garden
ghostly faces appear in the walls, customers report. 6266 W Highway 290  (512) 891-9980

Austin - The Spaghetti Warehouse  (or Haunted Spaghetti Warehouse #1)
The second floor, where the employee's break room is, is said to be haunted by strange unexplained noises. Lights turn themselves on and off, as well.117 West 4th St (512) 476-4059

Austin - The Tavern Restaurant
A female ghost who picked up the nickname "Emily" likes to break dishes and glasses, change the TV channel, and appear in an upstairs window at night after close. 922 W. 12th St. (512) 320-8377

Balch Springs - Dunston's Prime Steak House
Two former male customers who died in unrelated events are reportedly still dropping in for a steak here. Now that is a good review if I ever heard one. But then again, one guy did drop dead of a heart attack. 11817 Lake June Rd (972) 285-2879

Ballinger - Formerly Texas Burger House
The second floor of this building has been reported as haunted. Now a Mexican restaurant, the top floor is used for storage. The only two Mexican restaurants I can find on the net in this town are Acapulco Restaurant, and Casa Cabana Restaurant.

Boerne - Country Spirit Restaurant
supposedly haunted by three ghosts, odd noises are heard from the second floor. 707 S. Main

El Paso - La Hacienda Restaurant

A sobbing woman has been spotted walking and crying out for her drowned children near this restaurant, which is a favorite spot for local politicians.1720 W Paisano Dr,  (915) 533-1919

Gruene - Adobe Verde

Formerly a cotton gin, this tex-mex restaurant is home to the ghost of Frank, a former gin worker who hung himself. Frank likes to throw things around, clink glasses together, turn the lights on and off, and run around in the empty upper floor. tel: (830)629-0777   1724 Hunter Rd

Dallas - Snuffers Restaurant

Vague reports of an apparition. 3526 Greenville Avenue, (214) 826-6850

Fabens - Cattleman's Steakhouse

The Buffalo room , the Greenhouse room, and bar are all haunted by the "apparition of a man".

Fort Worth - Red Lobster

A little girl has been seen, and vanishes. Hulen St.

Fort Worth - The Spaghetti Warehouse (or Haunted Spaghetti Warehouse #2)

A little girl's spirit is blamed for flushing toilets, scattered paper products, and sinks that turn themselves on; a woman in white has been a fleeting apparition on the balcony; an "old cowboy" is said to knock over stools and throw glassware. What is with the Spaghetti Warehouses in Texas?  600 E Exchange Ave (817) 625-4171

Galveston - Luigi's Ristorante Italiano

The apparition of a weeping woman has been reported on a staircase.

Houston - Ale House Pub and Eatery

Poltergeist activity is blamed for flying glassware and dinner plates. 2425 West Alabama

Houston - La Carafe
Located in the oldest commercial building in Houston, this cozy restaurant has a haunted second floor. Employees report footstep sounds and noises as if something heavy is being drug across the floor. An apparition described as "a large black man" has been seen. 813 Congress St

Houston - The Spaghetti Warehouse (or Haunted Spaghetti Warehouse #3)
Don't ask me what the deal is with Spaghetti Warehouses in Texas and ghosts, but....
poltergeist activity of moving salt shakers and "fully disembodied apparitions" reported here, especially in the upstairs dining room. 901 Commerce St

Kerrville - The Branding Iron Restaurant at Y.O. Ranch Hotel

( formerly the "Sam Houston Cafe") A spirit, perpetually in search of relief, asks live patrons where he can locate a bathroom.

Spring - The Wunsche Bros. Cafe and Saloon

"Old man Wunsche" is said to haunt this former brothel. just north of Houston

Mount Pleasant - Pizza Hut

Reportedly four employees were murdered here in the 1980's. The apparition of a girl is said to haunt, and employees experience odd things involving silverware and the phone. 1902 S Jefferson Ave

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Mesquite - Trail Dust Steak House

This Texas steakhouse, which offers such selections as "The Hoss" and "The Stud", is known for cutting the neckties off of gentlemen who dare wear one into the establishment. It's also known for it's ghost. A table that sits between the kitchen door and the window into the kitchen in the upstairs dining room is reportedly haunted by a workman who fell to his death in the building. The light above the table seems to pop on whenever it wants to at night, and very late after closing time, employees report poltergeist like activity such as doors swinging open, the fax machine going berserk, phones ringing "off the hook", and lights going on and off. The lights in the upstairs bathrooms come on by themselves in the night, and people report cold spots in the ladies room. I-635 at Military Parkway, next to the Mesquite Rodeo Complex

Waxahachie - Catfish Plantation

This beautiful 1895 Victorian style was gutted by fire a few years back; owners say that the spirits that haunt it weren't deterred and still stubbornly reside there. Most of the activity is of the poltergeist variety, with doors that slam open and shut and objects that are mysteriously hurled through the air. 814 Water Street (972) 937-9468

Fort Worth - Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse

This former red light district bath house is haunted by a murdered man from the 1800's who has been seen in the banquet halls and upstairs bar.

San Angelo - Luby's

Visitors say that a closet in the restaurant has bizarre noises of giggling and talking children.
Sunset Mall - 4240 Southwest Boulevard

San Antonio - The Cadillac Bar Restaurant

A former owner is said to haunt the storage area in the basement; also, a former employee named "Bea" spreads her pissed off waitress attitude even in the afterlife, throwing utensils at employees. The sinks turn themselves on as well. 212 S Flores St


Austin - Logan's On Sixth

Formerly a coffee factory, Bartenders report bizarre laughing on the 2nd floor, glasses that suddenly clink together, and doors that fling open by themselves.200 East 6th St # A  (512) 236-0300

Donna - EL Cascabel

This abandoned tavern has the spirit of a man who was killed in a bar fight, still bellied up to the bar. Reportedly seen through the windows at night. Northeast of Brownsville, off of hwy 83

Donna - Silver Nugget Saloon

Phantom music, laughter, and lights turning themselves on is reported after closing time. It's unknown if this establishment is still open. Northeast of Brownsville, off of hwy 83

McKinney - The Londoner Pub

(Formerly 'Buffalo Joe's') The storage area is said to be haunted by a spirit who musses up the stocked supplies, and impales the walls with forks. The building is rumored by locals to have been a brothel at one time. (thanks to Mark) 100 N Tennessee

Anson - spook light
a famous blue spook light, called the Anson light by locals, can be spotted here; On a dirt road just outside of the town, mysterious lights can be seen from afar in a cemetery. If you approach they disappear. Like other spook light stories, the phantom is said to be someone carrying a lantern, looking for eternity for a loved one who died tragically. In this case, locals say it is a mother whose child froze to death.

Alice - Alice Lake
Late at night there are reports of spook lights and cold spots, as well as the unexplained noise of a child screaming.

Alexander - McDow's Hole
I guess you'll have to ask a local where in the heck this place (I'm assuming it's a 'fishing hole') is at... but anyhoo, the bizarre apparition seen here is a headless woman who totes around her own head like a purse. As the story goes, Indians killed her hundreds of years ago near here - but not before throwing her baby into the nearby creek. Locals say she is searching for it. A spook light is also reported here. Alexander is a small town southwest of Dallas

Anson - Metal Bridge on the edge of town
Someone was allegedly hung on this bridge, and footsteps can be heard if you stand on the bridge. Anson is East of Fort Worth, where I-180 and I-83 intersect

Aquilla - Phantom Train
The tracks have long been gone, but residents swear that on some nights, you can see a phantom train light and hear the whistle blowing as a ghost train barrels through town. Aquilla is just north of Waco

Austin - Garrison Park
Phantom children play on the basketball court, and apparitions have been seen in the nearby graveyard. Manacaha Road next to Crockett high school

Bandera/Kerrville - Bandera Pass
This stretch of land on the border of Bandera and Kerr counties is haunted by a headless horseman, a phantom wagon full of
dead settlers and spook lights. The area was the site of a lot of Indian attacks during expansion. This area is just northwest of San Antonio

Big Spring - Center Point Road

A phantom pickup truck is supposed top appear at night on occasion Big Spring is on I-20 west of Abilene

Brazoria County - Bailey's Prairie

A man whose wife didn't honor his request to be buried with a bottle of moonshine comes back every seven years in the form of a "large fireball". An oil well that blew up near his gravesite was blamed on being too close to his resting place. Brit Bailey's gravesite is off state 35 between West Columbia and Angleton.

Beaumont - Saratoga Road

This road is said to have a very active spook light that comes out very often, and even will hover over the hood of your car sometimes.

Belle Plain - ghost light

A green spook light is reported in this small town. 20 miles south of Baird Texas on hwy 283

Falfurrias - West Side
A hilly road in this area has a legend of a witch. The witch, who was hung by superstitious neighbors, is said to reappear, hanging from the tree with red, glowing eyes along the road. Falfurrias is southwest of Corpus Christi

Brownsville - Farm Road 511

A definite recipient of the Zappa Award for the utterly (udderly?) bizarre, this road is very well known, even by local news media, for phantom ghost cows that pop in front of cars then disappear just as quickly, often causing accidents.


Brownsville - Paredes Line Road
A ghostly sheriff who died on this road in a car accident is reported to pull over speeders, ghost-y squad car and all, and warn them to slow down.


Brownsville - Stanolin Road
A man killed on a curve in the recent past is said to appear by his "highway shrine" that relatives have set up for him.

Burkburnett - Goat Man's Bridge
An unused bridge in the area is said to have the body of a satyr - upper half man, lower half goat. Others have said you can hear children screaming on the bridge, an apparition of a man, and an obscured from view church of Satan. What are these people smoking in this town? Burkburnette is on I-44 on the Oklahoma border

Burleson - Bethesda Rd.

A popular theme for railroad crossing hauntings, this town's track is haunted by a busload of dead schoolchildren who got hit on the track by an oncoming train. As the story goes (here and every other town where people tell this tale) if you put your car in neutral on the track, the little children will push you over and out of harm's way.

Burnet County - Joppa Bridge
The people in this area feel that trolls (yes, TROLLS) live under this bridge, and if you listen closely, you can hear them frolic and run about under the bridge.


Cactus - Cactus city park
A boy who ran into the street and was killed by a car is said to be heard sobbing and moaning in the park.  There is a Cactus, TX in both Moore and Webb county.  I don't know which is the correct one.

Cedar Hill - Hangar Lowe Rd.

A jogger who was hit and killed on this road re-appears, laying along the road - then vanishes

Cedar Hill - Pleasant Valley

This area is haunted by a little boy who appears in your passenger seat, and others have reported odd things happening to their car and car radio. A hill in this town, according to local legend, has a cabin that appears at night but cannot be reached - said to be the former home of a witch that reappears.

Central - County Rd 73a

Near the small stream on this road, people have reportedly become possessed, heard the future, and been choked by a malevolent force. North of Houston on Hwy 69

Cleburne - "Old Foamy"

Can it be true? ANOTHER goat man story...
This stream is known for a goat man who will appear if you honk the horn 3 times.  Cleburne is just southwest of Dallas.

Wimberly - The Devil's Backbone

Various ghosts, including Benedictine monks, Native Americans, and a whole troop of ghostly civil war soldiers on horseback, have been reportedly seen here. A few people claim to have been possessed by the "spirit of a wolf". Comal County, off of State Highway 32


Crosby - The Town of Crosby

Built atop a slave cemetery, this little town has experienced various odd occurrences, enough to be chronicled in a book, The Black Hope Horror. Poppet's Way and another street on the east side of town are where most of the poltergeist activity has happened, in private residences. Crosby is just northeast of Houston


Crystal City - spook lights

Glowing balls of light are reported near the river in this town.  Southwest of San Antonio

Dallas - Near Flag Pole Hill on Northwest highway.

The hairpin shaped road in this area has had reports of rocks that come from nowhere and hit your car since 1976.

Dallas / Oak Cliff - Combs Creek St

A little girl on a bicycle haunts this area that is next to the train tracks where she was killed.

Dallas / Oak Cliff - Wilbur Street Playground

A little girl from the depression era who was killed by a drunk driver who lost control and hit her while she was on the swing set, still can be seen swinging.

Eldorado - northeast Eldorado

Day or night, phantom children's voices and the sound of shuffling feet are heard in this part of town; orbs, some as "large as a basketball" have been spotted floating along the roads at night; local homes are tormented by odd occurrences - floating objects, and bizarre unexplained sounds of glass breaking. One homeowner shot at what he thought was a wild dog, and the dog vanished into thin air. Eldorado is a very small town in central Texas, at the intersection of highways 277 & 190.

El Paso - area surrounding El Paso
The legend of El Muerto (the dead one) abounds around El Paso. Also commonly told in Mexico (Chihuahua region) and New Mexico, this legend is of a headless horseman who rides, carrying his head in his lap or from a bag hung to the saddle.

El Paso - Fire Station #9 and El Paso Police Department

At fire station #9, a phantom is said to flush toilets and flicker the lights just before the fire alarm goes off at night, prior to the dispatcher ever receiving a call from 911. The PD is a former hospital. The weight room was once an operating room, and odd things have happened there - including weights that move themselves, a radio that turns itself on, and lights that flicker.

Horizon City - Ascension Blvd

A masculine specter has been seen walking, then vanishing, along this road. just east of El Paso

El Chupacabra Sightings (click for story)


El Paso - Thunderbird Road

This gravity hill on Thunderbird road heads toward Mesa St. When the downward slope just becomes an upward slope, put your car in neutral, and you should coast... up the hill!

El Paso - Transmountain Road

A phantom monk and phantom donkey are said to walk the road, sometimes causing accidents, all the while protecting their stash of gold in a neaby hidden mine, that no treasure hunters have been able to find again.

Fabens - Alemeda road

Between Fabens and Clint a ghostly man in white leaps at cars from the road

Between Fabens and Clint - Leisure Lane
Paul sent me a story detailing the phenomena of this area:
As the story goes, a pastor was "commanded" by voices that he described as "God" to murder his wife and 2 children. He beheaded his whole family and tossed their bodies into a water tower, then hung himself. The heads were never located. Their former home is here and has had reports of "silhouettes" inside the empty house. There are also stories of a male apparition that jumps on car hoods on this street.

between Gilmer and FM2088 - The Cherokee Trace

The apparitions of a woman and some children have risen up from the fog to greet drivers down this ancient trail

Grand Prairie - the old road near Beltline Blvd

A girl drowned near here, as the story goes, and the police and ambulance were rushing to the scene when they collided head on, killing the ambulance personnel. Locals say that phantom sirens and screaming are heard at night along the road.

Hamilton - Pecan Creek Bike Trail

I'm gonna quote this dude word for word... (thanks to The Shadowlands).
"On Highway 36 East, past the fill up station and before the old antique shop, there is a bridge. Under that bridge lies a bike trail. If you follow the trail North, stop under the Highway 36 bridge and turn towards the creek you will see a drainage pipe. Go across to the pipe and crawl in on your hands and knees past two turns. Shine a flashlight down the tunnel and you should see a head look at you and then duck around the corner. Also you should hear metal banging ahead of you and grunting noises. Rumor has it, this is some sort of goat-man." Wow. That is hurting for entertainment right there...

Haslet - Blue Mound

The local Indians were, of course, slaughtered by the settlers there. On full moons locals report Native American dancing and chanting taking place atop the hill, with the remains of a fire the following morning. take 287 to Blue Mound Road. Follow until you get to a hill with a white shed on top of it.

Harker Heights - Soccer Field

A red eyed, phantom cowboy crosses the soccer field and vanishes into the neighboring sewage treatment plant, local soccer moms report. The story continues, after the cowboy vanishes into his stinky eternal abode, an apparition of a Native American bursts forth from a grove of trees, gunshot noises are heard, and the Indian falls over, dead yet again. Hmmm. I saw a show like that in Virginia City, NV - but it cost me $2.50...

Harlingen - Matz and Shirley Streets

A weeping little girl haunts these streets.  A lady in white is reported in a nearby lake, as well.

Houston - Christman Road

A ghostly little girl in purple haunts

near I-10, Houston - Old Woman Hollerin' Creek

And the award to most retarded sounding creek title goes to...
A woman who drowned her children is said to haunt the banks of this creek - that is located here: - off of Interstate 10 between San Antonio and Houston, in the woods

Houston - Old Greenhouse Road

The ghost of an old woman is said to take form in a mist over the bridge on this road, especially after a rain.

Houston - Patterson Road (Street?)

The bridge closest to Eldridge is said to be haunted by Civil War soldiers who will tap on your car. between Highway 6 and Eldridge in Houston  Another report says:  Black blobs are said to chase your car down this street, leaving handprints on the windows and causing cold spots within the passenger compartment.

Hudo - Hudo Bridge 
It is said that if you go out to the bridge, turn your car off and put it in neutral, "ghosts" will push you across the bridge

Humble - East 1960 Train Track Over Pass/Viaduct

The area is reportedly "evil", ever since a railroad company relocated a cemetery to place the tracks there. Locals claim that screams are heard at night, and that red spook lights have been spotted in the woods. A nearby movie theater is said to also be effected by the tainted ground, with theater workers suffering from poltergeist spawned physical attacks. Objects are reportedly hurled through the air, and one story says that the word "Satan" was found carved in the wall of one of the projection booths.

Huntsville - Bowden Road

Local folklore tells of phantom handprints that appear on the outsides of passing cars.

San Antonio - Intersection of Villamain Street and Shane Road, near Mission Espada

Ghosts of children, killed in some horrible bus accident of long ago, are said to push your car over these train tracks if you put it in neutral.

Jonestown - Travis Lake

A woman who was killed in a car accident here is said to haunt the lake

Kilgore - Sabine River

Local folklore tells of an old woman named Annie who lived nearby in the 1800's. Accused of witchcraft, she was lynched by a group of good ol' boys. The remains of her shack are said to be here, and the sounds of chains dragging, screams, and whips cracking are reported.

Kilgore/Longview - Creek Bottoms

A (*ahem...) "Chicken Man" is said to have made Tywhisky Creek area his, er, it's home the early 1970's, when several sightings occurred. One "Bigfoot" web page says that a creature, nicknamed the "Marion County Monster", had a rash of sightings in 1965 in nearby Longview, TX.  A "monkey man" sighting took place near Rabbit Creek by Kilgore in 1999.

Killeen - Hastings Grocery

The mischievous spirit who lives here reportedly makes pyramids out of canned peas and knocks magazines into the aisles. 2200 E. Veterans Memorial

Kingsville - Bell Tower at Texas A&M University

The ghostly apparition of a student who hung himself from the tower is said to appear there at night.
Lampasas - Sulpher Springs

Local folklore tells of the daughter of a wealthy family who got pregnant by a slave. After the young man was lynched, the girl drowned herself an the baby in the springs that run through the town. Years later, as it is told, her body floated to the surface, and ever since she and her baby have haunted the town near where she lived and where the slave lived. (spelled "Sulpher", not Sulfur ~ed)

Laredo - Circle K Convenience Store

It is said that the ghost of a little girl wanders the aisles, wearing a sun dress and carrying a carton of milk and package of Nutter Butter cookies. McPherson Road


Laredo - "El Barrio" / "El Cuatro"

A ghostly woman in white is said to roam the streets of the Latino neighborhoods in Laredo

Laredo - Fire Station #2

Poltergeist activity as well as the feeling of being touched by invisible hands haunts the firemen at this station house. Locals say that they've nicknamed the ghost "Lupito". 2200 Zacatecas

Laredo - H E B Foods

A male apparition is seen dragging himself along the floors of the aisles at night. 1301 Guadalupe St

Laredo - Mall Del Norte

A girl in mid 20th century clothing has been seen walking around in the mall just after closing time, holding a doll and calling for her mother. 5300 San Dario Ave

Laredo - Rio Grande River and Zacate Creek

A ghostly woman walks the shores of the Rio Grande, looking for her three dead children who she threw from a cliff into the water before taking her own life. A similar story exists about the Zacate Creek, except the woman is in a muddy white gown and smells foul.

Route 281 From Raymondville to Lasara

A ghostly hitchhiker thumbs a ride along this raod, then asks for a ride to Lasara Cemetery. He vanishes into thin air as he exits the car.

Lubbock - Broadway Ave Strip Mall

The strip mall on Broadway is said to be haunted by miscellaneous apparitions, and was reportedly a Motor Lodge several decades ago.

Lubbock - Water Tower at Texas Tech University

Campus folklore says that for the past fifty or more years, apparitions appear on the tower every year on the colkdest night of the year.

Lyford - Country Road 1400

A little girl who was looking for a dog was hit by a car and killed on this road, according to locals. People driving here report that their gas pedal seems to press down on it's own, and that the little girl can sometimes be seen with her flashlight.

 Marshall - Old Stagecoach Road Trace

The road, which is no longer in use, has reports of a ghostly stage coach and of phantom pallbearers carrying a coffin. The stage ran from Karnack to Marshall. Contact the Marshall Chamber of Commerce for info on the Old Stagecoach Trace: 903-935-7868 (Incidentally, Marshall, TX was once the state capitol... of Missouri!)

Matador - US Hwy 70

US Hwy 70 is said to be very desolate, and causes people driving through to experience a bizarre feeling of impending death and paranoia. (* See California - Pacheco Pass)

McAllen - Toys R Us

As the story goes, a rambunctious little boy climbed a ladder in the store, then fell to his death - suffering a broken neck. Midnight crews say that the sounds of a child laughing and running can be heard from the loft area that he was trying to climb to. Lights also shut themselves on and off. 1101 W Expressway 83, near the airport

Mexia - "Battery" Road

Spook lights are reported on this road. I can't find a location, but I suspect the name comes from a famous Civil War battle that took place near here involving a Battery of soldiers. If you know the scoop, drop me a line (see below).

Mexia - Wal-Mart

The Wal Mart in the town that gave us Anna Nicole Smith reportedly is haunted by a spirit that moves inventory around. Employees say that "Oscar" followed them from the old Wal Mart into the spanking new Super Wal Mart, undeterred. 1406 E Milam St

Mineral Wells - City Park

Ghostly baseball players in uniform are said to cross the playing field.

Monte Alto/Mercedes - La Bodega ("the Warehouse")

I'm not exactly sure if this is just a warehouse or some sort of business, but locals say that the cleaning crews hear laughter from empty rooms and other bizarre phenomena. Mile 3 W

Road leading out of Maxdale toward Oakalla - The "Ozone" Bridge

Locals have dozens of stories about this road. Most involve the area surrounding the remains of a bridge that has a historical marker near it to explain it's history. The marker reads, "In July 1913, the Bell County Commissioners Court, in response to repeated flooding in this area, approved construction of a bridge at this site to provide access to Killeen for residents of the Maxdale Community. Before it was completed, however, the bridge was destroyed in a flood. The Bell County Commissioners Court contracted again with Hess & Skinner Engineers, agents for the Missouri Valley Bridge Company, to build this bridge. Completed in 1914, the Maxdale Bridge employs a Parker truss design, which allows for maximum strength at mid-span. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1990." Local folklore says that screaming children are heard at night, that phantom cars try to run drivers from the road, and remnants of Satanic rituals are found strewn about. There is a popular but undoubtedly false story about a school bus that went over the side, killing all of the children on board. A nearby cemetery is said to be haunted by an old, limping man. Some visitors say that they feel dizzy and very strange in the area of the bridge, and one man reported that he and his friends saw the apparition of a white man in jeans and a t shirt there after feeling strange like his ears were plugged. Some of the accounts almost sound as if there is something in the air causing people to hallucinate, as one man said that he went there to mourn the loss of a friend who died near the bridge in a car accident, and he found himself suddenly lost among a surreal scene of EMT's and ambulances, like he was in a dream. Others report the strange scent of marigolds when there are no flowers around. Very odd stories indeed. To get to the bridge, From Killeen, take SH 195 south about 10 miles then go west on FM 2670 about 3.7 miles then go south on Maxdale Road .3 mile to marker (south side of bridge).

North Richland Hills - Knob Hill

This residential area is haunted by the spirits of two cowboys who were reportedly murdered by an outlaw in the 1800's. Locals also say there is strange shouting and yelling in the area in the early mornings.

North Richland Hills - cemetery
Olney - Johnson Road

Spook lights are reported

Pecos - Barrio Santa Rosa Railroad Tracks

The tracks near the Santa Rosa church are haunted by the sounds of a sobbing woman and the noise of high heels clicking on the pavement.
Pearsall - Haunted Tree

As you are leaving town heading toward Charlotte, a tree on the left of the road is haunted by a man who was killed there while jogging many years ago. Locals say if you call out to the "lizard tree", he will run after your car.

Hutto - Jake's bridge

A crazed farmer who killed his family and then himself is said to haunt the bridge. A car put in neutral is said to be "pushed" over the bridge. South of Hutto, head east on FM 685 to Row Lane rd. Continue to Jakes Hill Road. Just after a hill is the bridge.

Pharr - Whalen Road

A family who died in a fire in 1963 is said to haunt the area. A man in black carrying an axe has been seen. The sounds of people talking and laughing in the deserted area is reported, and stones and rocks have been hurled at visitors when no one was visibly around. South of Corpus Christi, "Whalen Road" is a dirt road next to a cornfield

Plainview - Masso's

This department store is reportedly haunted by a poltergeist that moves furniture about at night. 105 E 6th

Port Neches - Sarah Jane Road

Local legends tell of a woman named Sarah Jane Sweeney Block who threw her baby off the bridge into the river, then was hung for the crime. Another version says that Sarah was a Union sympathizer who was chased in her wagon off the bridge by confederate troops. Other versions exist, but this folklore is fiction. The son of Sarah Jane Block, who's family owned the property that the bridge is on, set the record straight a few years ago in The Midcounty Chronicle. His mother lived to be 99, died in 1983 (which would nix the Civil War story) and never lost a child, let alone threw one from a bridge. Locals still hold onto the legend, saying that they can see a woman's figure among the thick foliage of the area and hear a woman crying. Booth's son W.T. says that the nearby chemical plant that used to be there threw off a thick mist, a 'la "Sleepy Hollow" and helped to perpetuate the myth.

Possum Kingdom - Camp Constantine

Much to my surprise, this place is not a mythical lake, but a real place sung about by the band The Toadies... and is haunted by two cowboys. Out by the boathouse I'll show you my dark secret...

Premont - Premont Water Treatment Plant

A "winged dog" can be seen standing on mounds of poo surrounding the sewage. Can you say "methane intoxication"? Agnes St.


Princeton - Princeton & McKinney Water Tower

Locals claim to see what appears to be a woman falling or jumping from the tower. Airport Road.

Refugio - Refugio County Court House

On the National Register of Historic Places (possibly because of a prominent architect; it doesn't look all that unique in photos. But, then... who am I, Frank Lloyd Wright? lol) this courthouse is said to be haunted by a man who died while unsuccessfully detoxing in his jail cell there. "Henry" is said to turn the lights on and off at night, open doors, and mysteriously move objects around - even into cars in the parking lot. 808 Commerce

Richardson - Shopping Center at Yale / Beltline

Formerly a sporting goods store, locals say that a disgruntled employee killed several of the workers there in the 1980's after he was fired. It is rumored that the building is haunted by the sounds of laughing and boxes that move themselves. (I can't seem to find out if the disgruntled worker shooting story is true, but interestingly enough this is the town where the 4 Jr. High kids tried to OD on OTC cold medicine in 2001, gaining national attention. ~ ed.)

Richmond - Police Department

Formerly a jail house, local folklore says that slave auctions were held here (or that slaves were killed in the building for whatever reason). Graveyard shift officers report odd phenomena in the building. Preston Street

Roma - La Minita Creek

In the 1950's, a family of three were thrown into the swollen creek after their car skidded off of the wet pavement during a thunderstorm. The Husband was able to save his wife, but the child was swept away and the body never located, according to local stories. Locals, including dove hunters and Mexicans trying to enter the country via the adjoining Rio Grande, report seeing a wandering little girl who is seemingly lost along the creek banks. Located on Hwy83, seven miles north of Roma

San Angelo - Santa Rita Park

A lonely young woman named Marie is said to haunt the park, according to local folklore. The circumstances surrounding her early demise are unknown, but it is said that stray dogs will hop oddly around the park, yapping and behaving as if there is someone there petting them. The bench nearest the grade school is reportedly her favorite place, and cold spots are reported there.

San Antonio - Running Amuck With Ghosts, Donkey Ladies and Enchanted Fishies

Here are a few of the streets and public places said to be haunted in this paranormally active city:
Train Tracks, southwest side of city: the old school bus full of kids/ horrific bus accident story. Supposedly your car will be pushed by a force over the bridge and leave their tiny handprints on your car. Espada Park is said to have this phenomena, but also reported at Shane and Villamain Roads, and near San Antonio Missions National Historic Park.
North Star Mall: workers report hearing their names whispered in the empty mall after close, and see shadowy apparitions. San Pedro Ave.
Comanche Lookout Park Nature Preserve: said to be haunted by soldiers and Natives who fought to the death here hundreds of years ago. 15551 Nacogdoches
Old Nacogdoches Road: Native Americans, and soldiers spotted here as well, especially near the creek.
Old Stone Ridge Road: Haunted by a "DONKEY LADY" near the children's cemetery. (Finally, a companion for Goat Boy!)
Rivercenter Mall: It just keeps getting better. A "FISH GHOST" is said to swim up to unwitting pedestrians in the San Antonio River near this mall and talk to them.849 E. Commerce

San Antonio - Hot Wells Hotel Ruins

The remains of a health spa from the early 20th century, all that remains of the three times burnt structure is part of the sulfur springs bath house and some crumbling building foundations. Locals report the "foul smell of the dead" lingering, though I don't recall sulfur water smelling too great, either. South Presa Street

San Antonio - Stinson Municipal Airport

One of the airplane hangars is said to be haunted by a dead pilot, and a field next to the runways has a cemetery which has spook lights hovering above it at night. 8535 Mission Rd

San Antonio - Victoria's Black Swan Inn

This old mansion, now a rentable wedding venue,  was the site of the Battle of Salado Creek and had archeological evidence of Native American dwellings found beneath it. Investigated for a TV program by paranormalists,  they caught an electronic voice phenomena (EVP) of a man's voice saying "Oh, shut up!". A workman who was in the south part of the basement complained of little children who were poking him with sticks and taunting him. The owner claims to have been awakened by a male apparition who stood staring at her from the foot of her bed. 1006 Holebrook

San Marcos - Gary Job Corps Center

A lady in white has reportedly been spotted by workers at night; the building was reportedly a military base at one point. 2800 Airport, Highway 21

San Marcos - Thompson's Island Bridge

The ghost of a Confederate soldier is said to appear sporadically on this bridge, but most often during times of war.

San Patricio - Old Court House

A woman named Josefa Chipita Rodriguez owned a boarding house in this area. When one of her boarders was axed to death, she and her son were convicted of murdering him for the $600 that he was carrying, and then tossing his corpse into the Arkansas River. Josefa was shacked to the wall in the courthouse until she had the unique distinction of becoming the only woman to be "legally" hanged in Texas in November, 1863. Josefa is said to haunt the building, with a noose still hanging from her neck. 400 West Sinton St.

San Perlita - El Toro Road

A carriage that crashed into a lagoon on this road many years ago is said to re-appear and roll down the road again.

Santa Rosa - La Llorona

Legend says that a weeping woman walks the streets of the area that used to be called "el rincon del diablo" (den of the devil) mourning her drowned children. Long ago a restless spirit haunted this town. Locals say that the townsfolk even held a formal exorcism to rid the town of her. Area near the canal.

Saratoga - Bragg Road

A spook light is reported here; local folklore states that it belongs to a dead railroad worker's phantom lantern.

Seabrook - Toddville Road

Shadowy figures and stories of a deformed or unnatural being that roams this area are whispered among locals.

Seminole - Shafter Lake

Rumored to be an AIBG, a woman in white is said to float toward visitors while holding a lamp. Drumming is also reported.

Snyder - Snyder Coliseum

A young boy who fell and broke his neck here is aid to haunt the building.

Southlake - Timarron Country Club

Odd feelings of unease are accompanied by flickering lights, dogs that act unusual and bark at the air, the sounds of footsteps with no one around, and sightings of apparitions.

Spring - Cemetery

A blue spook light is reported in a cemetery in this town.

Sulphur Springs - Train Tracks of Revenge

Many decades ago, as local folklore tells it, a man who was working on the railroad tracks brought a woman to an area near Sulphur Springs where he had worked. The man got rough with her, beating her unconcious. He sat on the tracks next to her body for awhile, and unbeknownst to him she awoke and tied his boot laces to the tracks. When the train approached, he relized his dilemma. The last thing he saw was his pissed off date laughing at him as he fumbled with his boot laces. In the wee hours of November 12th each year, the whole scene is said to be reinacted on the stretch of tracks, complete with the shrieks of the man and the insane laughter of the woman. Located in Hopkins county (not Rusk county). From Hwy 19, take Hwy. 11 about 2 miles to a one lane blacktop road on the right with a railroad track that runs across it.

Sunnyvale - Barns Bridge

As the locals tell it, in 1974 a woman and her daughter crashed off of the bridge and were tragically killed. It is said that if you turn your car off on the bridge, fingerprints will appear on your car afterward.

Sweetwater - Sweetwater Lake

An orange spook light has been spotted here

Tomball - Spring Creek Park

This area was reportedly the site of a munitions explosion that killed hundreds of men during the Civil War. Locals claim that it is haunted, and cold spots will cause visitors to come down with sudden chills even in summer.

Tyler - Watson W. Wise and Emma Wise Cultural Arts Center at Tyler Junior College

A little boy's spirit is said to shout at people outside the auditorium

Edgewood - Crooked Creek

For decades locals have reported an ethereal lady in white who hitchhikes along this creek, much like the legend of Resurrection Mary near Chicago, IL. She gets out at an obviously deserted house and disappears inside. Just east of Dallas in Van Zandt county.

Waco - Lindsey Hollow Road

Located in the Cameron Park area of Waco, a longtime legend says that two brothers were on their way to Waco to face trial for stealing horses in 1880. Along this road, a group of vigilantes lynched them. The Lindsey brothers are said to be seen still, hanging from the trees. Spook lights are also reported, as well as moans and loud pops like gunfire. Near here is also a place that is nicknames "the witch's castle" that is said to reek of death and have sounds of screaming and gasping for air.

Waco - Rainbow Lake

The woods near the lake and adjoining creek have had reports of a male apparition.

Waxahachie - Becky Road

A confederate soldier who was hung here is said to haunt the roadside

Waxahachie - Waters Street

A little boy on a bicycle is rumored to haunt the area where he was killed.

Weatherford - Diamond Oaks Trail

Phantom boulders appear in the road on some nights, and when the drivers investigate they can hear giggling children

Weatherford - Lake Weatherford

A "Demon Water Cow" with flaming red eyes and a bull like physique has reportedly haunted the area since before Europeans came there.

West Columbia - Palmetto Thickets & Woods

A woman in a gray dress is said to haunt this area, as is a ghostly pack of dogs.

Whitehouse - Bascom Road

A woman in white has been seen crossing the road near the Bascom Cemetery, holding a knife. Folklore says she stabbed her husband to death then killed herself.

Wichita Falls - South Fairway Blvd.

A big pile of dirt left over from construction is haunted by a little boy whose body was haphazardly buried there by his murderer. Locals say that the mound is devoid of grass and has been there for years, and that nothing will grow on it.

Wichita Falls - Holliday Creek Reservoir

Said to be haunted by a college student who fell in an drowned one evening when he was plastered. The sound of a booze bottle breaking is said to accompany the haunting.

Spring - Walgreen's

A manager who was murdered during a robbery in the 1990's is said to haunt the store on the midnight shift. Objects in the stockroom and in the store have mysteriously flown from shelves, electronics switched on. 485 Sawdust Road

Woodville - Foster Hill

A male apparition is reported, as is the sounds of drumming and footsteps.

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