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Prattville - Plantation House Bed and Breakfast

A dead but still horny former (male) owner likes to blow in the ears of and rub the backs of unsuspecting female guests. 752 Loder St  (334) 361-0442

Montgomery - Tutwiler Hotel

Dead Colonel Tutweiler likes to turn the lights on, and the stoves in the restaurant. Employees now yell for him to "please turn out he lights and stove" before they leave, and no mess is left in the morning - as had happened in the past. 2021 Park Place North

Ashland - Clairmont Springs Hotel

Built over an Indian burial ground, the ghostly legend continues in 1972 when a little girl was killed by a train nearby. Phantom trains are heard at night and footsteps are heard running about in the halls when no one is there. Ashland is in the middle, eastern part of the state south of I-20

Enterprise - The Rawls Hotel

Another cigar smoking ghost haunts the second floor of this old hotel. The sound of children running and laughing has been heard on the empty third floor, and phantom piano music is heard. 116 S. Main St. (334) 406-2817 - just a hop, skip and a jump from the Boll Weevil Statue!

Thomasville - White Lion Inn
A odd malevolent presence is felt in the upstairs guestrooms, especially the bathrooms - and some have reported cold spots and even apparitions that are fleeting.  230 W 3rd St S   (334)636-1190


Selma - Ghost (self guided) Walking Tour

Florence - offers haunted history tour in October

Dauphin Island - multiple sites (read more after the jump)

Opelika - Spring Villa Park
The cruel slave owner who built this plantation was reportedly killed by a slave on the stairway landing - for years the blood stain was there until the wood was replaced. The ghost of the plantation owner reportedly haunts the house, and the sound of slave chains and moans have also been heard.

Montgomery - Tallapoosa Entertainment Center
This Native American run casino is situated near... you guessed it!! Ancient Indian burial grounds! Hence reports of phantom whispers, slot machines that "play themselves", ice that jumps out of drinks, doors that open and shut themselves, and even an apparition in the parking lot.

Selma - Sturdivant Hall

A former owner, John Parkman, died trying to escape federal prison. It is his ghost that is blamed for odd activities and apparitions.
Huntsville - Space Camp
A man who was buried alive during construction of the sleeping quarters is heard screaming for help at night
Demopolis - Gaineswood Plantation

The sister of a maid who worked here in the 1800's named Evelyn Carter is said to be spotted at this plantation house. Phantom pipe smoke in the study is blamed on the colonel who is the home's namesake. Some visitors report feeling a phantom shove, and the sound of hoop skirts rustling by is heard from the birthing room rushing down the staircase.

805 S Cedar Ave
Open Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 1-5pm; closed state holidays.

 Dauphin Island - Fort Gains
Apparitions seen on the island are blamed on the military fort there.  Ghosts of Indian squaws are said to dance at night in the clearing at Shell Mounds, which was a ceremonial site.

Huntsville - Kent Robertson Park
The park, named for a young boy who died, is haunted by him. Located in southwest Huntsville, near I-231

Mobile - oak tree next to public Library
Phantom sobbing and whispering is heard

Montgomery - The State Capitol Building
A ghostly woman in antebellum clothing walks the halls on the second floor. The governor's reception area bathroom is haunted by a phantom who likes to turn the faucets on.

Moulton - Auto Zone
Built reportedly over a cemetery, prior to construction the surveyors caught a photograph of what appeared to be a WWI era soldier. 12041 Highway 157; Moulton is southwest of Decatur on hwy 24

Prattville - Bear Creek swamp
This cypress swamp boasts stories of spook lights, and phantom Civil War soldiers.  Prattville is a northwest suburb of Montgomery

Tuscaloosa - The Quad at the University of Alabama
Four Civil War soldiers supposedly haunt the quad, as does a man who hung himself in the guard house near the library.

Tuscumbia - Bellemont Mansion
Haunted by the spirits of slaves

Guntersville - Whole Backstage Theater
This theater is said to be haunted by (this is a new one...) the pyromaniac ghost of an old man who lights mattresses aflame. Doors slam, and the sound of a little boy laughing can be heard. 1120 Rayburn Avenue 256-582-7469


Birmingham - Sloss Furnace
A venue for entertainers, this club plays up the gory history of the nearby iron furnaces. The ghost is said to be of one of the ironworkers killed on the job there, and he has been spotted in the catwalks above the stage. Their website even dedicates a forum to ghost sightings.

Mobile - The Seaman's Bethel Chapel Theater
Located at the University of South Alabama, the basement is reportedly haunted by a child who likes to play with the costumes. A phantom seafarer haunts the "fly loft"


Anniston - The Victoria
There are reports of ghostly piano playing, a phantom lady on the steps, and unexplained clinking of glasses at the bar.

Nobles hank williams ghostMontomery - Noble's
The last place that Hank Williams performed at before dying in the backseat of a baby blue Cadillac was Noble's. The upstairs used to be called The Elite Lounge, and it was where the ill-fated crooner took the stage in late December 1953. He "came in on a Sunday for a song writers association meeting, and he played his acoustic guitar and sang three songs." Then he drank so much that he passed out on his back, vomited, and choked to death at age 29. Staff and visitors have reported apparitions, odd mists, footstep noises, electrical disturbances, and shadowy figures here. You can also visit his death car here in Montgomery (along with 'Kaw-Liga') at the Hank Williams Museum. 119 Montgomery St (334) 262-3326  Noble's is Possibly closed after a fire damaged the restaurant in 2010



Parrish - Jack's Family Restaurant
The ghost of an Indian woman is blamed for knocking things from shelves, opening and closing oven doors, and cold spots in the usually hottest parts of the kitchen. The grills turn themselves on in the middle of the night. There is unexplained mumbling over the drive through speakers and also in the bathrooms. 6258 Highway 269 ; Parrish is northwest of Birmingham and just south of Jasper

Huntsville - Heritage Bible College - WHBC Frat House
I usually don't include college dorms, but this one was just to bizarre to leave behind. Dead youth minister Anthony Stephens' apparition haunts this dorm, by flushing all the toilets, whilst 2 other ghosts, reportedly of unfortunate youths named Robert Ekisbus and Adam Cooper, follow him, muttering the word "cheese"...
uh, yeah.

Hueytown - Lilly Lane
A ghostly old man in blue jeans and a white shirt has been seen by many residents, both walking on Lilly Lane and in the surrounding homes. Hueytown is a southwest suburb of Birmingham
Bayview - Bayview Bridge
A ghostly bride crosses the bridge in a flowing white gown, and some say floats in the water below. Bayview is a western suburb of Birmingham

Camax - Mill Bridge
This one lane steel bridge north of Jasper is supposedly haunted by a man named Moon Mullins who was killed there decades ago. Jasper is about an hour northwest of Birmingham near I-78; after that, your on your own... there's no 'Camax' on the map

Gadsden - Coosa River
 In the 1950's, a Loch Ness monster type of animal was reported by several locals who were fishing
 Geneva - The hanging tree
A huge old oak that sits where the Pea River and the Choctahatchee River meet was a popular place to hang blacks during the height of the KKK. It is said nothing will grow for 50 feet around the tree.

Newton - Choctawhatchee Bridge
An unusually tall Civil War deserter was hung here, and he was so tall that the townsfolk had to dig a hole under him so he could actually be killed by the noose... Locals say the hole has been filled in time and again but always sinks down again.

Dora - Train Trestle in the old part of town
A black man was lynched - hung from the trestle for stealing a horse. The horse was later found, proving his innocence. The silhouette of the hanged man can be seen at night, and the mournful cries of his widow heard.

Gadsden - bridge over Black Creek
A woman and her baby were knocked into the water and drowned after an argument with her husband. People have claimed to see her walking the banks, and heard wagon wheels and a baby crying.

Jasper - Mill Creek Bridge & Warrior River Bridge 
The ghosts of two men who went over the side in an asphalt truck haunt the Mill Creek bridge.  The ghost of a man who was killed by a semi on the Warrior River bridge allegedly throws rocks and sticks at truckers who pass over it.

Lynn - Highway 5 
A woman who was run over and killed by a semi jumps on the sides of passing 18 wheelers and gawks inside... what's up with Alabama semi drivers, anyway?

Lauderdale - Second Creek Bridge
A jazz musician in a zoot suit flags down rides on the bridge, then mumbles something about his trumpet and disappears from the car. Lauderdale is in the far northwest corner of the state near I-43

Munford - Cheaha Road
The remains of an old hotel where civil war soldiers were killed casts an orange glow, and screams are heard. Also, it's another GRAVITY HILL!!! Your car will appear to roll uphill if you put it in neural.

Pam was nice enough to write :

" I grew up in the area, and Gravity Hill was always a place to check out!" Thanks, Pam!

Mount Hope - Henry Hill
Woo Hoo! I loves me a GRAVITY HILL!
This one claims that a ghost named Henry will push your car uphill if you put it in neutral.

Wagarville - dirt road behind the Texaco
Not only is it supposedly another GRAVITY HILL, but it is said to be haunted by a lady in white who was raped and killed on the road - she is seen in the cemetery and her footsteps are heard. Wagarville is near I-43 north of Mobile.

Shotwell ("Smith's Station") - covered Bridge
Haunted by two children who will take candy that is left there for them.  Shotwell is East of Opelika on I-280

Sunflower - railroad crossing
The lantern of a decapitated railroad worker is said to float down the tracks at night.  Sunflower is north of Mobile about an hour, on I-43

Lauderdale County - Florence - Forks of Cypress Plantation

The plantation that once stood in this area was the same that Alex Haley's ancestral family were enslaved at (from the novel and movie "Roots"). The columns are the only thing standing, according to reports. The family cemetery is said to be haunted by a tall, "stately" woman. Kissing the symbol atop the tallest tombstone is said to encourage her to appear. The slave cemetery is said to have the mournful sound of slaves singing at night. (Ownership of this land is unknown. It is up to the reader to obtain permission to visit here.)

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