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Vicksburg - 1902-08 Stained Glass Manor Oak Hall
The former owner, a woman named Fannie, has been spotted in all her supernatural glory by four separate individuals.

Carthage - Grand Avenue Bed and Breakfast
A cigar smoking man's ghost has been seen, and his cigar smoke smelled.

Kansas City - Hotel Savoy
A woman named Betsy Ward died in room 505 (drowned in the bathtub, a la 'the Shining'), and is said to still haunt the room.

Eureka - Ramada Inn at Six Flags

This motel near Six Flags is said to be haunted by a little girl who fell to her death when the site was a farm. Her apparition has been seen running down the halls, and reflected in a large mirror near the banquet room. Staff calls her "Aggie". The 3rd floor is home to the ghost of a man who killed himself - two unsuspecting old ladies walked into their bathroom to find his ghost dead and bloated in the bathtub.  Interstate Highway 44 and Six Flags Road

Excelsior Springs - The Elms Resort and Spa

You can almost map your way to Chicago with the "Mob" related ghost stories...
This hotel is haunted by a dead gangster who appears in the basement pool area. The area was an illegal gambling and liquor establishment at one time. Also, the 3rd floor is haunted by a phantom chambermaid in 1920's attire. Another female ghost reportedly looks for her lost child and has been known to throw things and pull hair.

Springfield - Bass Country Inn

A dead busboy named Carl has been spotted in the kitchen and back offices nearby - he is known to knock things off of shelves. A malevolent female ghost has also been reported in the motel. 2610 N Glenstone

Springfield - Holiday Inn University Plaza Hotel

A man in black, nicknamed "The Colonel", has been seen in the wee hours of the morning by many staff, usually in the ballroom and hallways. It is theorized that "The Colonel" is a civil war veteran who owned a plantation on the site of the hotel.  333 Hammons Parkway

St. Louis - Lemp Mansion

here's a story from my old website, Sancho's Illinois Ghosts

Washington - Thias House B&B

A woman in Victorian era clothing has been spotted combing her hair at a vanity, and on the staircase. Also a ghost cat has been seen by visitors running across the floor. People report the sensation of being touched on the shoulder. 304 Elm St - (636) 239-0153

Ozark - Riverside Inn & Restaurant
A former cigar smoking owner named "Howard" has been seen here, and dishes have been thrown about by unseen hands

St Louis Spirit Search Tours

Haunted Hannibal

Morbid Travel Tip: Visit the Glore Psychiatric Museum in St. Joseph, MO, where you can see mannequins recreate such morose scenes from history as witch burnings and the "Gallows of Surprise", a contraption on which unruly psychiatric patients were strapped and then dunked into icy water back in the golden age of psychiatry.  A modest collection of objects swallowed by psychiatric patients is also available for viewing.  Thanks to Roadside America for directions: East of St. Joseph. Take I-29 to Exit 47, head west about 1 mile. After 36th St. Glore sign and building visible on left. Be careful not to drive into the prison entrance -- they're a little touchy. 3408 Frederick Avenue. St. Joseph, Missouri. Mon. - Fri. 9 am - 5 pm. 800-530-8866. $2.

Morbid Travel Tip: Also in St Joseph, MO is the Jesse James Death House.  See the bullet hole that was left in the wall after Jesse's own cousin plugged him in the back of the head.  Corner of 12th and Penn.  5 minutes from I-29. Take U.S. 36 west to the 10th Street Exit, then 6 blocks north and 2 blocks east. Free, but donations suggested.  Open 10A-5P, closes at 4P during the winter.  Only open in the afternoon on Sundays.

Excelsior Springs - Hall of Waters
This unusual mineral springs attraction has had reports of the apparition of a little boy.

Hollister - Country Mart

A girl who was killed in the parking lot in recent years has been seen roaming the parking lot still. Floral Highway 65

Independence - Vaile Mansion

Said to be haunted by Mrs. Vaile, who overdosed on morphine after her husband's public humiliation of a criminal charge of mail fraud. Though Mr. Vaile was found innocent, Mrs. Vaile still reportedly the upper floors and a "wooden" room on the tour.   1500 N Liberty 816-325-7111

Kansas City - Strawberry Hill Museum

A female ghost haunts the chapel, is seen in the windows, and even asked a tour guest a question on one occasion. An upstairs closet was the location of a sighting of a male ghost who was waving the intruder away while he sat on the closet floor.

Kansas City - Worlds of Fun
This theme park's "Timber Wolf" roller coaster is haunted by a little girl who died while riding it.

Millersburg - Little Dixie Lake

A giant tree in the park is where there was a sighting of a hung man, wearing tattered clothes and no shoes, who faded away. From the north parking lot, follow the lakeside trail until you reach a smaller pond that is green with algae, and just past that is the tree.

Poplar Bluff - Hays the Music Store

A woman hung herself in a makeshift temporary jail cell in this former furniture store (a tornado had destroyed the other town jail), and reportedly haunts the upper floors. 401 Vine St

Salem - Casey's General Store

When the Casey's company swept through the Midwest, snuffing out hundreds of mom and pop grocery stores in the 1980's, it placed it's convenience stores atop crumbling structures of all kinds. This particular Casey's was put over the home of an elderly couple who had each died in the house. Poltergeist activity reported by workers includes merchandise that is neatly stacked on the floors in the morning (that wasn't there the night before), doors that swing open for no obvious reason, the smell of perfume that comes from nowhere, phantom footsteps and sighs, and cold spots.  604 So. MacArthur

St. Joseph - Glore Psychiatric Museum at St Joseph State Hospital(moved to a new location)

Formerly housed at St. Joseph State Hospital, called the State Lunatic Asylum #2 in the early days, this bizarre collection of the apparatus used in the bad old days of psychiatric treatment had a few ghosts that may have followed it to it's new home. In the old building, a man "in dress pants" reportedly haunted the 3rd floor, and a former patient had been seen wandering around in all his spectral glory. The basement morgue was a hotspot for strange noises, and phantom cries of "help" were heard. One male specter was said to run down the hallway screaming for the invaders to "Get out"!
Too bad - the ice baths and lobotomy picks are no longer displayed in State Lunatic Asylum #2. But still, no doubt, worth checking out.

Southwest Missouri - Table Rock Lake

Local folklore says that when the valley was flooded to make this man made lake, a few stubborn residents refused to leave their homes and drowned - their restless spirits are blamed for electrical malfunctions on boats and pulling swimmers underwater.

Columbia - Katy Trail State Park
People have reported a young, male, one armed phantom pacing on a bridge at night somewhere in the park.

Rock Bridge Memorial State Park

An area in the park called "The Devil's Icebox" is said to be encompassed by an evil presence. "Glowing" entities have been reported in a nearby cave.

St. Joseph - Trials West Social Parlor

This small conference center, formerly a furrier by local accounts, is said to be haunted by a man who worked at the the fur shop. 805 Francis

St. Joseph - Carnegie Public Library
The spirit of a dead librarian is said to "shoosh" visitors and move books as well.

St. Joseph - St. Joseph Foods

The security building and basement has had reports of odd noises, locals say, as well as sightings of apparitions along a fence outside. 5807 Mitchell Ave

Camdenton - Thunder Mountain State Park, "Bridal Cave"
Tourist claim to see phantom Osage Indians and hear Native American drums and chanting here.

Cape Girardeau - Minton House

Used as a smallpox hospital during the Civil War, this home has been rumored as haunted for generations 444 Washington (It's unclear whether this is a private home or a civil war museum)

Kearney -The James Farm

The childhood home of Frank and Jesse James is said to have many reports of odd phenomena, mostly audible. Noises people hear include: a woman weeping, the sound of galloping horses, gun shots, noises in the empty attic, and men talking when no one is there. There is a portrait of Jesse James that will not hang straight, personnel says.

The James' boys beloved young step brother was killed in this house after Pinkerton Detectives threw a bomb inside, believing the famous bank robber to be hiding there. James' mother was also seriously wounded in the standoff.

Until the 1970's relatives of the famous outlaw owned the home. The elder James, Frank, ran a tour from the home after his famous brother was gunned down. The tours went through even as Frank and Jesse's mother lived in the house. Jesse James was buried in the yard, but later moved to a nearby cemetery in Kearney - a reproduction headstone still sits in the yard.

I saw no unusual spirits on my trip to Kearney in 2004, but I did score a Jesse James Cookbook...

Excelsior Springs

Tryst Falls is said to be haunted by a slave woman who drowned her own baby in the waters there. The unusual "Hall of Waters" attraction is said to be haunted by the ghost of a small boy.

Kearney - Claybrook Home

The home of Jesse James' daughter and the place where his infant granddaughter died, the Claybrook Home has had reports of odd phenomena including poltergeist activity like self slamming doors, footsteps, the sounds of a child crying and a ball bouncing, and the sound of a man clearing his throat. Said to be open for tours as of 2003 ; 21216 Jesse James Farm Road ( 816)628-6065

Clayton - Shady Oak Theater

This old movie theater is haunted by a male spirit who turns the posters upside down, dishevels things and throw things about. Staff reports cold spots and lights that dim for no reason. 7630 Forsyth Blvd

Columbia - The Missouri Theater

Said to be haunted by a former owner who messes with the curtains, and makes clanging noises.  Cold spots are also reported. 203 S 9th St (573) 875-0600

Kansas City - Kemper Arena 

WWF wrestler Owen Hart plunged to his death in this arena in 1999 during a botched stunt. Patrons have reported his ghost in the rafters high above the squared circle, as well as unusual sounds and lights after the arena has closed at night.  1800 Genessee St

Kansas City - The Music Hall

vague reports of apparitions from patrons 301 West 13th St

Parkville - Park University / The Jenkin and Barbara David Theater
Namesake Jenkin David likes to appear to "young girls" on the stairwell in a gray suit.

Springfield - Springfield Little Theatre

Reportedly haunted by dozens of spirits, the theater has reports of hauntings by a former stage manager, a baby who was dropped from the balcony to it's death, a phantom dog, two otherworldly secretaries, a former janitor in the upper balcony, and then some.  311 East Walnut Street

Cape Girardeau - The Forrest H. Rose Theatre at Southeast Missouri State University

Apparitions here included a somewhat malevolent woman who causes problems during productions and of an old man who sits in a hallway. There is reportedly a bloodstain on a concrete floor that cannot be cleaned away as well.

New Haven - Boondocker Inn

This restaurant is noted for floating objects, lights that turn themselves on, cold spots and odd noises. 9487 Highway 100

Hazelwood - Action Cafe & Billiards

Patrons report cold spots and the apparition of a man and glowing red eyes 7125 N Lindbergh Blvd

Marceline - Mom's Restaurant 

A relatively well known haunted place, "Mom's" has a notorious lady in white who has appeared to customers. Other phenomena includes cold spots, plates that fall inexplicably from shelves, and furniture that has been found upside down 116 South Kansas Avenue

Noel - All Star Pizza

Workers report odd noises, walk in coolers that fling open by themselves, lights that flicker, and an apparition in the windows at night. 309 Main St

Ozark - Riverside Inn & Restaurant

The glowing green, cigar smoking apparition of former owner Howard has been seen in the restaurant at night, and at times glasses have been smashed against the walls. 2629 North Riverside Road

Salem - Subway

Not to be outdone by the Casey's in town, there are reports of the screams of a woman and child who died on the spot in the 1950's in a fire. 1134 S Main

St. Louis - Bissell Mansion Restaurant

Apparitions, moving objects, and pictures that remove themselves from the walls are reported at this restaurant 4426 Randall Place, 314-533-9830

Columbia - Jack's Gourmet Restaurant

Formerly a private resident, locals say the building is haunted by Sarah Haden, who died a young mother of typhoid in the 19th century. Phenomena includes flying dishes and other objects, electrical anomalies, and the appearance of Sarah's ghost.


Joplin - Spook Lights

The Joplin "Spook Lights" hold a certain fascination for me, because when I was a kid, we would always vacation in Missouri, and my sister would tell me about them.  I was completely enthralled by the idea of disembodied, unexplainable lights that dart around in the humid Missouri evenings in summer, and I'm sure I made her tell me about them a hundred times.  As an adult, I've learned that these bizarre, yet unexplained balls of light are seen in different places and climates all over the world.  As of yet, I've still not made it to Joplin to go orb hunting, but maybe some day...

Located on a gravel road near Joplin, MO and Quapaw, OK (and a ghost town named Hornet, MO), the lights have been attributed to the angry spirits of the Quapaw Indians, a forlorn miner's ever searching lantern, and even Satan himself. The road has been nicknamed "The Devil's Promenade".
The light, which has been described as yellow orange, sometimes emitting sparks, has been seen traveling very fast, as well as in a dancing manner, and has always avoided anyone who is nearby. It has been seen by thousands of people.

Also called: The Hornet Ghost Light, the Tri-State Spooklight, the Neosho Spook Light, the Seneca Light, and the Devil's Jack-O-Lantern.

Joplin is in the far southwest corner of Missouri on the Oklahoma border.

Lebanon - Atchley Park

A man is seen haunting the gazebo here

Mexico - Train Trestle

Local folklore states that the KKK performed lynchings here, and ghostly footsteps are reported. Mexico is north of Jefferson City; Fairground Road

Mexico - Vanishing House

Locals experienced sightings of a small house with a rose trellis and grindstone in the yard that would disappear as the viewer approached. Take Teal Lake road east about 1 mile then turn south for about 1 mile , take a left - going east ; the right side of this corner is where it would appear

Exeter - Train Tracks

The strip of tracks that goes to Butterfield are said to have the phantom sounds of a ghost train.   Exeter is in southwest Missouri

Fulton - Dark Hollow Road

This thickly wooded road is said to be a paranormal hot spot by locals. Phenomena includes: spook lights, the sounds of a crying baby, the apparition of a woman holding a baby, the apparition of a young man who was run over here in the 1950s - who stands in the path of your oncoming car, a "ghost car" that plays an otherworldly game of "chicken" with your oncoming car then vanishes at the point of impact, and your car mysteriously breaking down on the road. Fulton is just south of i-70 in central Missouri. The road that connects Fulton to Ham's Prairie: Past the Ace Hardware on E 5th St in Fulton, take a right at the 4 way stop. Continue down state road C until you reach Meadow Ridge Apartments, then take a left onto a gravel road, which lead to another gravel road on the right. Follow this road - "Dark Hollow" road - to Ham's Prairie

Kingdom City - Nine Mile Bridge

Slaves were said to be lynched here, and locals report glowing eyes around the bridge at night. East of Kingdom city, just past Old Auxvasse Presbyterian Church

Cape Girardeau - Old Orchard Road

An odd mist is said to encompass this road.

Van Buren - Hwy. M

Locals report apparitions that appear from the woods.

Freeman - Gravity Hill

Southwest of town at the intersection of state road D and E299th is a gravity hill.

Peculiar - Near the Feed Mill

Winning the "best town name" award today, where this town's railroad tracks used to run sometimes bear witness to a phantom train whistle.

Sparta - Jenkins Road

A farmer who was crushed when his tractor tipped over on him here in the 1970's is said to be the cause of odd phenomena such as spook lights and visual disturbances in passersby.

Nixa - Curving Country Road Near Town & Hwy 14

A sheriff who died in a car crash in the 1930's is blamed for sightings of a phantom Model T car that comes crashing toward drivers, then disappears.  Highway 14 is said to be haunted by a phantom man who walks in front of traffic then disappears.

Ozark - Green Bridge

Strange phenomena includes a male apparition, the sounds of someone sloshing through water, disembodied whispers and the sounds of car doors slamming

Dumas - Haunted Railroad Tracks

A woman who was killed on the railroad tracks is said to still walk along them

Excelsior Springs - Odell Sports Center

Phenomena includes a male apparition in the showers and the sounds of phantom laughter 1302 N. Jesse James Road

Liberty - The Mill

The crumbling mill is said to have spooklights and levitating objects associated with it. hwy 291

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